I see clinical work as a partnership. I use an interactive approach that involves active listening. This helps individuals to identify areas of their lives where they would like to make progress, and learn new strategies to move past emotional roadblocks like divorce, grief, parenthood, and career transitions.

My specialties include individual and family00 counseling for children and teens with special needs, including:

  • Autism spectrum disorders;
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder);
  • learning disabilities;
I have many years of experience working in private practice and public and private schools, providing individual, group, and family therapy.

Life's obstacles aren't limited to adults. School, peer pressure, and family changes pose a range of challenges that can be difficult for a child or adolescent to overcome on his or her own. Therapy requires collaboration between psychologists, children, and parents to build healthy relationships and realize my clients' full potential. Success involves active participation with family members, teachers, and other health professionals.

I work hard to foster a healthy and caring environment to guide children and families through difficult transitions. I enjoy the honesty and open-mindedness that younger clients bring to therapy, and I believe that a trusting and sincere relationship is at the core of the healing process. I base my treatment on research-tested methods.  I have considerable experience teaming with educators, school counselors, and psychiatrists to achieve successful outcomes for children and families.  I can help you work with school district administrators to ensure that your child or adolescent receives the services to which he or she is entitled.

In addition to providing therapy to children, adolescents and families, I also work with adults individually.  In these busy times, it can be difficult to manage family, career, and social life. Present or past experiences may prevent us from achieving self-confidence, loving relationships, and rewarding careers. Therapy can identify unhealthy patterns in our lives and to help us find a balance between family and career. I treat clients with issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and loss, helping them define the kinds of relationships that they want in their life and discover the keys to making those relationships work.

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